Devotion Danceworks Calgary childrens ballet classes

Spring 2024 registration now open!


Ages 8 and up Classes

Grade 3 Ballet/Jazz

Ages 8 – 12 yrs

Children with 3+ years of dance experience will learn both ballet and jazz in this combo class. They will focus on ballet technique and fun jazz steps to develop strength, flexibility, focus and discipline. In an inviting, positive environment, the dancers will learn a variety of exercises and choreography that will be showcased at the end of the session. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is followed for the ballet portion of this class.
This class is a progression from Grade 2 Ballet/Jazz.

Please note, in order to enrol in Grade 3 Ballet/Jazz Tuesday’s at 5:15pm you must be enrolled in Grade 3 Ballet/Jazz Wednesday or Thursday as well. 

Devotion Danceworks Calgary kids ballet classes

Junior Hip Hop

Ages 5 – 9 yrs

This high-energy, age-appropriate class will allow students to find their inner groove. Kids learn fun hip-hop techniques and combinations to be showcased at the end of the session. Young students who have been perfecting their own moves and tricks will love taking the next step by registering in this class. Come break a sweat!

Devotion Danceworks Calgary Hip Hop class

Musical Theatre

Ages 8 – 12 yrs

Musical Theater classes involve a combination of singing, dancing and acting. The class focus is on jazz technique, acting out a character, and singing in a non-competitive atmosphere. This is a very enjoyable class where students get to showcase their personality and develop their self-confidence. Students will put together casual performances throughout the session for your viewing pleasure.

Devotion Danceworks Calgary Musical Theatre classes for kids