Calgary Hip Hop Classes


Elizabeth Rieb | Director

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Elizabeth began dancing at the young age of 8 years old. Throughout her youth she studied ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, and lyrical.

Over the years, she participated in many competitions and master classes all over Alberta. Elizabeth went on to complete jazz and tap examinations with the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (A.D.A.P.T) and ballet examination through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

After high school Elizabeth enrolled in classes at the Alberta Ballets University of Calgary’s Dance Program to further develop her knowledge of the art. Over the next two years, Elizabeth studied for her Advanced 2 ballet examination, achieving this designation in 2008.

After reaching one of the highest achievements in ballet, Elizabeth continued to immerse herself in to her ballet studies. Enrolling with the Royal Academy of Dance in London, England, she would spend two more years completing her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies.

With this certificate Elizabeth is a registered teacher, allowing her to put students through RAD examinations. Elizabeth looks forward to working with dancers of all ages where she can showcase her passion for teaching while spreading her love of dance!

Sadie Rieb | Instructor & Office Assistant

Miss Sadie began dancing at the age of three, and it was after that first little ballet class that her passion for the art started to grow. Her love for dance became all consuming as she trained in every style that she could! From ballet to hip hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap and musical theatre, Sadie involved herself in every aspect of the dance world that she could manage. She danced competitively on stage for 15 years and travelled from Calgary to Las Vegas all the way to the Edge Performing Arts school in Los Angeles! As her career as a competitive dancer came to an end, she knew her work in the dance world was not yet over and so she began sharing her love of the art with the new generation of dancers through teaching. 
With 10 years of experience educating young dancers, her passion for teaching dance has blossomed into a love for teaching the youngest generation. Today Miss Sadie studies at Mount Royal University in the Early Learning and Childcare program with the aspiration of becoming a preschool teacher by day, and a dance teacher by night!

Miss Sadie is a child at heart, and it this that gives her the ability to understand and connect with the youngest generation. Through teaching, Miss Sadie’s goal is to inspire confidence and self love while passing on her love of dance to each pair of tiny toes that dances through the studio doors. 
“It is the genuine love for dance and unfiltered joy I see from these little ones that makes this job, easily, the best one in the world!”

Isabella Tarasoff | Instructor

Isabella Tarasoff is a dancer, choreographer and educator. Born in Edmonton and
raised in Calgary, Alberta. Isabella has had the opportunity to train under various street dance choreographers and mentors from a young age which has impacted her and allowed her to have influences in a variety of styles of street dance and choreography.  In the last five years, under the direction of Universesoul Dance Studio, Isabella has had the opportunity to travel across Canada and with the company to train under various well-known choreographers and compete at reputable competitions such as Release Dance Competition & Arists Emerge.

Recently she has developed a passion for creating and exploring movement and has
had the opportunity to share her choreography and artistry with others in the Calgary
dance community with the intention to give back to the community that serves her.

Jenna Relf | Instructor

Jenna began her dance journey at the age of 5 in Calgary. After dancing competitively for 10 years she entered the Central Memorial dance program where she learned about dance from a professional perspective. Jenna graduated from the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers program in Jazz and Tap in 2019. She has also always prided herself on constantly growing and trying to learn as much as she can. Jenna has taken Acro Dance Teacher Association junior and intermediate training workshops, Acrobatic Arts modules one and two workshops, Sugarfoot injury prevention certification, MuvMethod stretching program, and Alixa flexibility module 1 and 2 training courses. Jenna has been sharing her teaching and passion with dancers for over 10 years and is looking forward to continuing to learn and share with dancers for years to come!

Olivia Carmelo | Instructor

Olivia began dancing at the age of 2 1⁄2 years in The Woodlands, Texas. After her family moved home to Calgary, she continued dancing in Ballet and Jazz. As her love for dance grew, she expanded her training to include Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary/Modern. She has successfully examined in RAD and ADAPT. One of Olivia’s dance highlights was having the opportunity to perform at Disneyland and California Adventure Park in California. This ignited her passion to perform in the form of competitions. She competed for 8 years and loved every minute of being on stage. Her most honoured award was receiving a scholarship from Harbour Dance Studio in Vancouver, BC, which she took full advantage of expanding her training. She now continues learning from other choreographers at DJD, Pulse Studios, and other open classes held locally. Since graduating from high school, Olivia has gained experience volunteering her time working with the dance students at All Saints High School as an alumni member of their dance program and she has also volunteered with the Eastside Dance festival held every year in Calgary. This year she was excited to perform with Pulse at their year end show.

Currently, Olivia is in her third year attending the University of Calgary and working towards her degree majoring in Dance in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. She has had the opportunity to dance in the university’s showcase productions. She is very excited to share the knowledge she has gained from her education by creating a safe space for young dancers to be creative and explore movement in dance.

When not in a studio, Olivia’s favourite thing to do is travel, especially cruising. Travel gives her the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and to learn about their cultures. Spending time with her friends catching up over coffee, Checking out new reads at the bookstore or library, and listening to music is also high on her list of things to do.

Brooke Emery | Instructor & Assistant

Brooke started dancing at the age of two, and is still dancing today! She began training at Devotion Danceworks when she was three years old with Miss. Liz and is so excited to get to come and assist with the learning of the younger dancers. Brooke is starting her third year in the assistant teacher role, while still continuing with her own training. The genres that she is currently taking are ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, and lyrical.
At the age of seven, Brooke got the opportunity to start competing with her studio, and she is still doing so now. She does everything from solos to groups in multiple disciplines. She has taken ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance, and both jazz and tap with ADAPT. Brooke has always worked to further her dancing by going to conventions as well as taking drop-in classes to work with other people in the industry. Brooke has also received the chance to perform at Disney Springs in Disney World, Florida as well as on the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship Majesty of the Seas. Most recently, Brooke was chosen to be a part of Team Canada which will compete at the World Tap Championships in Germany.
Brooke cannot wait to share her love of dance with the students at Devotion Danceworks!

Makaylah Ryan-Mackay | Instructor

Miss Makaylah first began dancing at the age of five, immediately she fell in love with dance, and since then her passion for it has only grown. Eventually she started assisting younger classes, and quickly learnt that teaching and inspiring upcoming generations of dancers has become her biggest passion. Most recently, her desire to encourage and inspire those taking their first steps into the dance world, lead her to receive her Ready Set Dance certification.

Makaylah has trained, competed, and choreographed in various styles of dance such as tap, jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, pointe and musical theatre. She has mainly focused on her training with the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus and ADAPT jazz and tap syllabus.

As a teacher, Miss Makaylah strives for students to create and explore music and movement in a fun and safe environment while also learning about proper alignment, technique and creativity. As a teacher, Miss Makaylah’s favourite aspect of teaching is seeing her students become more comfortable with exploring and trying new things, well finding their passion for dance.

Emily Dockrill | Instructor

Emily began dancing at the age of three, and promptly fell in love with every aspect of the art. She grew up competing and training in in many styles, such as ballet, jazz, and contemporary. She knew from a young age that she wanted to continue exploring her love of dance by diving into the dance-instructor world, and has since been teaching a variety of styles and ages.

 Emily genuinely loves connecting with her students and sharing her passion for dance. She initially began teaching with Devotion Danceworks in 2014, then took a hiatus from teaching dance after completing her B.Ed at Mount Royal University. She currently teaches a Grade One class, and has been working for the CBE for the past 5 years. Even in her school classroom, dance and movement takes a prominent role in her teaching style. While busy teaching full time, Emily loves to continue sharing and exploring her love of dance with her students!

Shelby Snow | Instructor

Shelby has been dancing since the age of 5, beginning in tap, branching out later into jazz and ballet, and even later (at 17!) into acro. Since then, she has continued her passion for dance through participating in performance groups around Calgary. She has most recently danced with En Corps Dance Collective in their show ‘Ephemeral’, as well as the musical ‘The Gardener’.

Shelby is going into her fifth year of her dance teaching career. This path has allowed her to choreograph for multiple dance teams, schools, and musicals throughout Calgary.

Shelby currently holds certification through Acrobatic Arts, both in Module One and AcroDance Preschool, and is an affiliate member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association. She most recently completed the CDTA’s Senior Jazz Syllabus course.
Outside of the dance world, Shelby holds a Bachelor of Arts in History, and is going into her first year of her Bachelor of Education program at the University of Calgary.

Emma Durant | Instructor

Emma started dancing at just 2 years old. It was actually in Miss Liz’s dance class. She has studied many different styles at her home studio such as ballet, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop, contemporary, and acro. Emma completed her Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) ballet exams up to the Intermediate Foundation.  Throughout Emma’s training, she competed at various competitions throughout Alberta. She competed in solos, duets and groups in many different styles of dance however, her favourite was always her musical theatre solos.  Emma loved getting to not only dance but also tell a story through acting and singing.   
Emma broadened her knowledge of dance after joining the Preforming Visual Arts (PVA) program at Central Memorial high school. She learned many new styles such as west african, swing, vogue, body percussion, and Latin jazz. She also had the opportunity to travel to New York and take various classes from choreographers in the industry. 
Emma has just graduated from high school with her diploma and a certificate of Leadership in the Arts. She is entering her first year at Mount Royal University and is studying elementary education with the goal of becomming an elementary teacher. 
Emma is so excited to be able to share her love of dance with her students. She wants to make dance a fun activity where the students look forward to trying new things and hopes that dance will grow her students confidence just like it did for her.